Located in the Parc des Volcans d’Auvergne, you will discover one of the most beautiful villages of France, St SATURNIN.

While strolling along its typical ways, you will have a view of our bed and breakfast, La Maison des Archers.

    Its 15th century front perfectly witnesses the rich history of the village. The rumour says that the Queen Margot’s squire used to stay in this house when her majesty was visiting the castle.

Walls made of stone, lava and shell limestone, coating, small windows but beyond, many surprises are waiting for you.

    Push the door and follow the staircase that will lead you up to the living-room. A very pleasant and bright room where the walls still bear the fragments of some 15th century paintings.

You will fall in love with the house simple and authentic decoration, its genuine French ceiling and its red “tomettes” on the floor and the opening on a wide terrace that offers a great view on the De la Serre mountain and mount Redon and further on a stream of wine houses roofs surrounding the market place.


Discover the countryside thanks to the marked out paths from the village. From the early 20th century, the School of Painters of Murol has been seduced by the village and its atmosphere and today, many walkers and artists keep on being inevitably attracted to it.

    Now take the staircase down to the ancient warden rooms located behind the old city fortifications, pass through this large wall to dive into the different scenery and atmosphere of our bedrooms.


Our bedrooms decoration matches each with a different theme: air, earth and water.

Feel free to choose the room you would like to be in: AERA, TERRA or AQUA.

We paid a very particular attention to carefully respect the spirit of the place in our choice of material: simple, authentic and environment friendly.

You can download the access map, the rates, the reservation sheet and some practical information on the contact/download page.

No pets allowed.